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Hi and welcome to this deep sleep meditation and relaxation to help you let go of the day and drift off into a relaxing sleep.

This deep sleep meditation and relaxation is a guided sleep meditation, with gently spoken words, soothing, calming relaxation music.

This bedtime session will help you fully relax the body and mind by going into a deep rest state. There’s no pressure to go to sleep as deep rest is very healing for the body.

Just melt away stress and tension in the body and let go of any worries and concerns that may be sitting in the mind.

Hurrah for a restful, peaceful, calming bedtime routine.

I hope this session gives you everything you need and more.

You can also listen to this meditation via the Insight Timer app

Namaste, Lynz xoxo

If you enjoy the practice I’d love you to join me for a bit of yoga and meditation:

My meditations are free and have been created to help to support people across the world. It takes many hours for me to create and produce the content. If you benefit from our time together and would like to contribute, please feel free to donate.

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