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Get deep into the muscles to reduces tension & pain

After I suffered a neck injury at work. Lynz came as a recommendation and I’ve got to say I’ve never had such a professional experience. Her place is really clean, relaxing and settling.

She’s a lovely down-to-earth person with real experience, I’ve had 2 sessions now and already my pain has almost gone. I would highly recommend Lynz for any pain-related problems.

She has a good understanding of anatomy and it really reflected in her work. You can really tell she takes great pride in her work and you can tell from the get-go she’s 100% genuine in all aspects of her practice. 


A go-to massage for those who like deeper pressure. Deep tissue massage aims to access muscles, tendons and ligaments that may be causing tension and pain in the body as well as treat old injury areas.

This massage also offers the benefit of stress relief and relaxation but can sometimes be mildly more uncomfortable than a Swedish Massage (add link) as it works deeper into those troublesome areas. 

It works by breaking down adhesions, increasing the flow of blood and helping to reduce inflammation.

Each individual is different, and deep tissue massage will not correct all conditions, but it could be just the right thing for an injury, however, is not a cure for acute injury or a replacement for medical treatment. 


Please note the areas of the body are a guide to give you an idea of what happens in a general massage routine. On arrival, we will discuss your needs and if necessary adapt the massage.