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Your questions answered
Do I have to be completely undressed? What do you wear for a massage?

I prefer you to keep your underwear on during the massage (bottom half).  I will leave the room so you can undress and lie on the massage table under a top sheet. During the massage, you will be appropriately covered at all times.

Will the massage hurt?

In general, massages should not hurt. Sometimes you may experience low-level discomfort.

Deep tissue and firm pressure may result in soreness during the days following a massage, similar to that of a  workout, but in general, you should not have pain during or after your massage.

If you are in pain it may cause your muscles to seize up, making the relaxing effects more difficult to achieve. I want you to get the best out of our time together so please communicate with me anytime you feel pain

Do you talk during a massage?

As a rule, no. 

Deeper work will need a certain level of communication but you will get more out of the massage if you can relax and go into a quiet space. 

Saying that some people are naturally chatty. I’m happy to chat back but I won’t instigate conversation.

What is I fall asleep and snore?

Don’t worry, I’m used to people falling asleep on me. 

I often wake myself up snoring so I’m not one to judge. 

Just relax and if it happens, it happens.

Do you massage male clients?

Yes, I do. 

Everyone deserves a massage and I have many male clients who have been coming to me for years.

I am a professional and I don’t EVER offer any “extras”, so if you ask you will be asked to leave and I will call the police. I will not tolerate harassment. 

Why do I have to pay upfront?

As lovely as people are I have in the past been let down last minute and also had many no-shows. 

I ask for payment upfront so I can make a living. I wouldn’t expect anyone to go to work and not get paid.

I’m trustworthy and reliable. I expect my clients to be the same.  If you need to reschedule you can do so up to 24 hours before your appointment via your confirmation email, no questions asked.


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