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Sleep is the best meditation.”

– Dalai Lama

If I had known what it was really like to be a grown-up I think I would have asked to go and live with Peter Pan.

When I was younger, nothing would touch me. I had literally no respect for my body. Back then I had no idea. I’m 40 now and I thought I’d age well, like a fine wine.

Yeah sure I’m pretty fit, besides a dodgy hip and a dicky knee and yes I am present (most of the time). No, I don’t lose my temper and I can manage my emotions (most of the time, I just lack the Buddha wisdom) BUT it’s the other stuff that I don’t have control over that really gets to me.

Periods and spots?……spots at 40 wtf?!

TMJ? I didn’t hear about until I got it 10 years ago. It was the worst pain ever.

Saggy skin – don’t even go there. Spaniels ears is all I will say 😉

Involuntary trumping in yoga – thank GOD for home yoga.

AND the biggy LACK OF SLEEP!

What did I do to deserve sleepless nights?

My step-Dad used to fall asleep in an instant, Mum told him he had no conscience. Perhaps that’s my problem. I need a few Hail Mary’s.

At the moment my biggest reason for lack of sleep is this little monkey. Missy the mischief. The boys are all growing up so I think the maternal side of me decided that I needed something little and cute to nurture.

She’s a cutie but doesn’t believe in sleeping at night. I told you I lacked the Buddha wisdom.

I’m no scientist but I reckon it’s a mixture of things. Screens, late-night eating, stress, hormones, one tipple too many, OVERTHINKING and Darren’s snoring. I’m sure if you are lacking the Z’s then you’ll be able to add to the list?

I recently asked the Balance Yoga Tribe what they needed the most mindfulness or deep rest. I assumed they would say mindfulness but all but one asked for deep rest.

It looks like I’m not on my own. We are all knackered.

I have made changes that are really helping me so much so that I decided to take a Sleep Practitioners course. I’m reading a lot around the subject and here’s a few things I have discovered so far.

When we sleep our body repairs it’s self not just physically but mentally and emotionally too. When the boys were little I used to tell them that they needed to sleep because that’s when Bob the Builder came in to fix them so they would feel fresh and awake in the morning. Did they sleep I hear you ask? NOPE.

Sleep helps to improve the clarity of thought, focus, lowers stress hormones and oomph’s your immune system. It helps you to regulate your appetite, breathing, blood pressure and is great for heart health. Pretty important stuff, I’m sure you agree?

I have also discovered that it’s not all about the quantity of sleep but the quality of rest.

So many people stress so much about getting the 8 hours that they become too stressed to sleep. It’s a crazy vicious circle. If we learn to listen and trust the body more we will sleep the right amount for us. Who would have thought the body knows better than us?

Being overly attached to the thoughts in the mind is one of the biggest barriers to sleep. Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night to sort out all your problems past and present?

So besides a lobotomy what can you do?

Well, there are loads of things….

Take a moment to think back to when you were a kid. What was your routine?

When I was little I would have a bath (with my brother – yuk), a warm soothing drink and a nice biscuit and a story.

Perhaps your parents read you stories? I’m working on a series of adult bedtime relaxation stories at the moment so keep your eyes peeled.

When I was a bit older on a Sunday after I finished recording the chart show I would have my bath (not with Chris), eat cheese and biscuits while watching bullseye. It was the best night of the week.

You could also take some time for relaxation, deep-breathing techniques, gentle yoga and meditation.

From personal experience sometimes there ain’t no rhyme and there ain’t no reason.

Sadly wine, chocolate and Netflix’s isn’t relaxation, I know, I’m sad too. You have to learn to actively relax and calm your nervous system not just numb out. But there’s some pretty good series to binge on so I understand the dilemma.

I’m not a fan of offering lots of tips because the internet is full of them, each contradicting the other. It’s enough to keep you up at night (see what I did there?). I’d rather offer you space to reflect and find what works for you. My Nan used to say “what’s good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander”.

So take a moment now to ask yourself if you could change anything about your sleep routine? Can you commit to one thing this week that will help you snooze better?

Although advice ain’t my thing I can offer you a little bedtime nightcap in the form of a 10-minute Guided Sleep Relaxation. It must be a goodie as it’s had over 21k plays on the Insight Timer app. You can go to my Insight page here. It’s a free app and well worth a look. I will be adding more meditations there soon for your chilling pleasure.

Have a play tonight when you go to bed and let me know how you got on in the morning?

If you do want to listen to more of my dulcet tones then I do have some Deep Rest Sessions in the Virtual Members Area. You can also come and do a bit of yoga and meditation if it takes your fancy. There’s a 7 day free trial so it’s worth a look.

Right it’s time for bed.

Night, night

Lynz xoxo

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