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This Letting Go Meditation has been created to help you let go of stress and tension in the mind and the body.

We will set an intention around what you would like to let go of. It might be physical, mental or emotional. We will use the breath to help us experience what it means to let go.

A breath-led body scan opens up the gateway to surrender. Followed by using my voice as a guide to letting go of thoughts, judgements, opinions and rigid blueprints your mind has created to keep you boxed into stress, anxiety, overwhelm and tension in both mind and body.

I hope you get what you need with this well deserved time for yourself today! Let me know about your experience in the comments below and you could also share it with a loved one.

Namaste, Lynz xoxox

If you enjoy the practice I’d love you to join me for a bit of yoga and meditation:

My meditations are free and have been created to help to support people across the world. It takes many hours for me to create and produce the content. If you benefit from our time together and would like to contribute, please feel free to donate.

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