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I’ve been in a serious funk for what seems like a lifetime. In reality, it’s been a couple of months.

You’d think a yoga/meditation teacher, spiritual junkie of 25 years and reiki master would always be full of the joys of spring … errr no!

Yoga, meditation and writing poetry are my saviours but the waves of lockdown unsurety started to take their toll.

Workwise I started to feel like a machine, churning out content, spending hours every week writing, recording and sharing on social media. I felt it was taking me so far away from my actual work.

Homelife began to feel like more of a chore.

In fact, everything was hard work.

Eventually, I started to get pretty horrific knee pains. I couldn’t bend my legs, sit in meditation, sit at the computer to write or do my personal yoga practice and I never miss my practice.

Fed up city, pity party for one, pity potty (love this, a client of mine used to say it), sitting over a steaming pile of my own pity poop – all self-made btw!!!!

Things had to change, I decided to make some shifts so I could find myself again and attend to my angry knees.

Now, if you know me you will know that I can’t stand the positive thinking movement. It leaves so many of us fighting with our negative thoughts, makes us feel terrible and puts us in a state of not enough-ness. I’m not a fan of motivational BS. Reach for the stars, set goals, remove your blocks, believe and achieve stuff makes my eyes roll back into my head, drop down into my throat and leaves me gasping for some present moment fresh air.

HOWEVER, I might have to eat my words (just a little). It wasn’t simply a matter of turning my negative thoughts upside down and thinking positive thoughts, that helped me in my recovery. There were actionable changes I needed to make first.

So here’s what I did:

  1. I worked out what was making me feel funky.
  2. I closed down some of my social media stuff.
  3. Connected with my family, near and far.
  4. Started to see more clients face 2 face. I love teaching online but I need human interaction too.
  5. Stopped trying to practice yoga but made sure I did my daily walks.
  6. I didn’t try and force my healing and let nature take its course.
  7. Sent my poor knees lots of reiki (instead of being angry towards them) and massaged them often.
  8. Went on holiday and left the teens to do the chores.
  9. Started eating a regular times – I’m a bugger for forgetting during the day and stuffting my face in the evening.
  10. I watched trash TV that made me laugh. Have you watched Grace and Frankie on Netflix? It’s fab.

All of this made me feel better.

Then I had space to work on positive thinking.

I couldn’t sit down at the computer for more than 10\15 minutes so I decided to create one new graphic every day, with positive quotes from people I admire and use them as screen savers. This made me feel like I was being positive and productive.

I used the quotes as affirmations that I repeated in my mind’s during my walks to help me keep my spirits lifted and guess what?

It flippin worked!

I’m not new to affirmations, I’ve just never been in a position to feel like I need them as a healing tool but as I said, I was unable to do anything else.

Perhaps it has just helped to pass the time while my angry knees repair naturally, perhaps it’s my spiritual guides healing me, maybe it was the massage and reiki, I don’t really care about the how’s, who’s and what’s.

I’m on the mend.

Below I’ve shared the positive quote meme, thingies for those of you who like a visual uplift.

I don’t make any apologies for them all being animals. I love them more than most people – not you tho 😉

If you want them for your social then contact me so I can send you the file or click here to go to Canva and download them yourself.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. What lifts your spirits, floats your boat, sings to your soul when life gets your goat?

Let me know!


Lynz xoxo

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