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What is Savasana

Savasana is a restorative yoga pose that is integral to our yoga practise (and life).

The term comes from the Sanskrit shava, meaning “corpse,” and asana, meaning “pose” or “posture.” The common English name for savasana is corpse pose and I’ve also heard it called dead man’s pose so that will give you an idea of how much physical effort is needed.

It usually follows the physical sequence of a yoga class and to me, it’s the cherry on the calm cake. This is where the real magic happens.

So why would we bother with Savasana?

Well there are lots of reasons, including:

  • Calming the nervous system
  • Relaxing the body
  • Relaxing the mind (turning the volume of the thoughts down)
  • Rest and rejuvenation
  • Reducing tension headaches, fatigue and symptoms of insomnia
  • Reconnecting the mind, body and breath

How to do Savasana

There are many ways you can do it and it can be adapted for your personal needs. As long as you’re comfy and can relax the whole body then you’ve nailed it. I normally encourage practitioners to just be comfy (don’t tell the yoga police).

However, saying that I will describe the more traditional method.

  • Come down to the floor and lie flat on the back
  • Make sure the body is in alignment including spine, neck and head
  • Create some space between the legs and ankles so the legs can relax and allow the feet to splay out
  • Arm relax alongside the body, nestle the shoulder blades gently down the back of the body
  • Palms facing up

Most 60 minute classes in our studio will have a 5 – 8-minute savasana

So that’s it.

I really feel that consciously adding relaxation postures/practices into my daily life is a must. Just like brushing my teeth. Let’s face it no one would want to talk to me is I hadn’t brushed my teeth today (I eat way too much hummus) in the same way no one would want to talk to me if I didn’t spend time relaxing (I can be a right cow bag when I’m stressed).

If you would like more then I’d love to meet you in our Virtual Community or you can contact me to chat about a private session.

Lots of love

Lynz x

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